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The electronic catalog of Megaflex contains information about the following products:

- Grinding wheels for cutting metal
- Abrasive blades for cutting non-metal
- Abrasive Discs INOX
- Grinding wheels for grinding of metal
- Grinding wheels for grinding non-metal
- Emery discs - right profile
- Emery discs - sharpening profile
- Sharpeners and Belgium
- Lumber
- Shlaif Griff
- Abrasive sponges for polishing
- Lamellar Discs
- Fibre Discs


Searchining in the electronic catalog is possible in two ways:

1. A basic search of the program you are using to read and edit PDF files.
2. Directly click on the main menu of the catalog, you click on any item on the menu - directly to your program for reading PDF files takes you to the topic!

Trademark "Megaflex" is characterized by high quality, reliability, and meets international safety certificates.

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